Secure AES encypted live audio
...over ISDN lines or any IP network

For your ears only!
Live, 2-way audio over ISDN or IP using AES encryption standards - for secure communications...


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Secure AudioTX IP... for Live IP audio over IP Networks

Secure AudioTX ISDN for live audio over ISDN lines

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Secure AudioTX... for your ears only...

The Secure AudioTX software will run on almost any PC - our minimum specification is a Pentium 2 350mhz. We support Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP. Windows 2000 and XP are preferred.

You'll also need a Sound card for both the ISDN and IP versions. Plus either an ISDN card or a network adapter, depending on which version of the software you are using.

On this page, you'll find details of sound cards, ISDN cards and networking information.

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Remote Monitoring/Surveillance IP Telephony
Private Communications Government and Law enforcement


Sound card information

Both the ISDN and IP versions of Secure AudioTX require a sound card in your PCs at each end of the link. The sound card is used to send and receive your audio.

Most standard Windows compatible sound cards will work fine - remember though that your audio quality will only be as good as that of the sound card that you are using.

We are able to provide professional quality sound cards for use with our products, and these are detailed below.

  • SoundBlaster cards - The SoundBlaster Live, Platinum and Audigy ranges work fine. Older SoundBlasters like SB128, SB16, the AWE ranges, may cause problems.
  • Laptop use - most laptop built-in sound cards on reasonably recent machines will work fine.
  • Professional audio cards - A good professional quality audio card for a desktop PC is the Marc 2 PCI, which we sell for approximately £160 UK pounds. ($250 or EUR 255). We also sell professional quality USB and PCMCIA audio cards.


ISDN card information

Secure AudioTX ISDN also requires an ISDN card in your computer. This needs to be one of our compatible cards... most other ISDN cards will not work. If you have a CAPI 2.0 compatible ISDN card, you can try it with our software, but we really do recommend that you use one of our recommended ones in most cases.

Our recommended cards are PCI, USB or PCMCIA versions of the ISDN cards in the AVM Fritz or Eicon DIVA ranges. These are cheap but very reliable and high quality cards, starting from £47 UK pounds for a PCI card. ($70 or EUR 75).


Networking information

No special networking hardware or setup is needed for Secure AudioTX IP. Just a standard network adaptor set up correctly for use in Windows is fine.

Secure AudioTX IP sends and receives audio using TCP/IP on port 5013 by default - you can change this port number.



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