Secure AES encypted live audio
...over ISDN lines or any IP network

For your ears only!
Live, 2-way audio over ISDN or IP using AES encryption standards - for secure communications...


About Secure AudioTX products

Secure AudioTX IP... for Live IP audio over IP Networks

Secure AudioTX ISDN for live audio over ISDN lines

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Secure AudioTX IP... for your ears only...

Secure AudioTX IP allows you to send and receive LIVE audio over any IP network - LAN, WAN, Satellite, Leased line, Wireless or even the Internet. AES government standard encryption is used on the link, ensuring that your private conversations stay private.

Secure AudioTX IP

  • Live bi-directional or uni-directional audio over any IP network
  • Your audio is encrypted using the US Government approved AES algorithm for high-security
  • Uses standard Windows networking setup and network adapter - no special setup required
  • Key manager keeps your encryption keys safe and allows you to refer to them easily by name
  • Phonebook with unlimited entries



  • Works at bitrates between 32kbps and 384kbits (MPEG 2 and 3 compressed audio) and up to 1.5 mbits for linear (uncompressed) stereo audio.
  • Professional quality audio - up to 20khz audio bandwidth (dependent on available network bandwidth)
  • Low delay (40ms on private IP network)


Built in keyring manager allows you to easily manage a number of individual 256-bit encryption keys - so you can just refer to them by a name...



Keys can be generated from a passphrase, randomly or entered by hand...



Remote Monitoring/Surveillance IP Telephony
Private Communications Government and Law enforcement



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