Secure AES encypted live audio
...over ISDN lines or any IP network

For your ears only!
Live, 2-way audio over ISDN or IP using AES encryption standards - for secure communications...


About Secure AudioTX products

Secure AudioTX IP... for Live IP audio over IP Networks

Secure AudioTX ISDN for live audio over ISDN lines

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Secure AudioTX... for your ears only...

Secure AudioTX products allow you to send and receive LIVE audio over ISDN lines or any IP network. AES government standard encryption is used on the link, ensuring that your private conversations stay private.


Secure AudioTX Pricing information:

Secure AudioTX software is supplied with a hardware dongle key - which fits the USB or
Printer port of your machine. This is used to license the software. One copy of the software
(and one dongle) is required at each end of the connection.

Secure AudioTX IP
Secure AudioTX ISDN



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